Ideelee+ is a leading multi-vendor service platform that provides its users on demand services like car rentals, electronic services, repairs, food delivery etc. The users can just login either via email or facebook and get the service package they need. They also have an option to pay the vendors they hire either by the hour or per day.


Building a one-stop solution mobile application required a team that not only knew the code but could also understand the business model. The Ideelee team wanted the users to have a seamless, transparent experience with a dashboard that allowed them to view multiple services at one place and managed all their bookings at once. The application also needed a mobile wallet that allowed users to pay however they chose. On the other side, the admin needed a panel, where they can update packages for the vendors and manage all orders with ease. The Ideelee team needed a development partner that could work with a large set of technologies including PHP, Android and Javascript.


Our team at Snowflakes built out the wireframe for the mobile application, giving the customer a view of how the end product might look. We ensured that the experience we design is user-friendly and allows users of multiple age groups to use the app with ease. Next, we moved on to design, where we covered every aspect of the experience designed in our wireframes. Using state-of-the art android development technologies, our team was able to built out the app with a customer dashboard, payment portal, services module and a package page for the vendors.