Testing is the process to identify the errors, bugs or anything missing requirements and evaluate whether the system, component or software satisfies all demands or not.

Software testing helps to evaluate the quality of the product or service and helps to make website error free. It can also provide an objective, independent view of the software and helps to understand the risks of software implementation. Testing techniques include the process of executing a program/application with the intent of finding bugs.

Snowflakes Software Pvt Ltd offers software testing assurance from experienced QA Software Testing Expert. Our team specializes in different testing domains and ensure you to deliver cost effective & high quality testing services across different sectors including telecommunication, marketing, government, tourism, eCommerce, etc.

First we analyze your website & then accordingly create a software test plan. After that we apply the best testing techniques to find all errors from the software.

Software Testing Services:

Performance Testing Service:

This process evaluates the performance of software attributes such as resource usage, scalability, feasibility, reliability, etc. Our software tester uses different testing methods like stress testing, spike testing, execute testing, etc to deliver consistent results as you were expecting.

Localization Testing Service:

This testing method helps to check the spelling mistakes & grammar errors in the text of product. It ensures that all texts adapted localize language & culture. With this testing technique we increase your software usability & acceptability globally.

Functional Testing Service:

Functional testing performs on a complete integrated system of software. It validates the features, functions & competence of the product. Our software tester checks software functionality from UI to platform compatibility.

Compatibility Testing Service:

This method use to check the software compatibility with different browsers, devices, operating systems, etc. Our expert helps you to make your software compatible on various platforms.

Security Testing Service

This testing helpful to identify the security issues with the software. Our team finds both static as well as dynamic threats in the software.

Usability Testing Service:

It is process to check the user feedback to improve the software performance.

We also provide other testing solutions, according to the requirements. If you have any query related to testing, directly contact our team at


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